Star Wars

I’m going to see, Star Wars The Force Awakens tonight. And tomorrow. And Saturday. And Sunday.
Why am I going four days in a row, you wonder? Well, it’s because I’m studying this awakening thing and I figure I need all the help I can get mastering my lightsaber.

New Review of The Big Wide Calm…/the-big-wide-calm-a-coming-of-age-story-and-retrospective

Paige Plant, troubadour, musician, broody twenty something just trying to find her way without having to sell out.
Paige Plant, troubadour, musician, broody twenty something just trying to find her way without having to sell out.
Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for Musicians On Call
Paige Plant gets the opportunity of a lifetime to record her debut album
Rating: *****

“The Big Wide Calm” is a novel that contains a rich mental flow that puts readers into the main characters’ state of mind. You get to live inside the head of the protagonist, Paige Plant. Her narration is new and refreshing as well as synchronizing on the fly. Paige is given the chance of a lifetime to work with John Bustin, a wealthy seeker of musical talent. John provides her with free room and board in exchange for working on her recordings to sell her songs. Paige accepts his offer to live with him in a secluded area on his estate despite her better judgment. Tears stream down John’s face after he hears her first song. She needs his resources to soar to the top and John needs her companionship.

Rich Marcello is the author of “The Big Wide Calm”. His writing style is flowing and easy to follow. You are also placed in a position to delve into the emotions of the characters and live vicariously through them. You can now experience the fantasy of being a talented woman in her twenties that takes a risk and lives with a total stranger with a wealthy reputation. One could only imagine what it would be like for someone to choose you to take you away from your surroundings and give you the opportunity of a lifetime.

You can also get an education about the music industry studio lingo with the rich descriptions given in this novel. There is an underlying sadness to John Bustin. He tells Paige a story about the reasons for his anguish. Paige seems unsettled and doesn’t believe his tale of woe. She investigates and comes across a letter in his home. She gets an unexpected answer to the mystery behind John Bustin.



So I’m at Target doing Target kinds of things––buying paper towels, cleaning supplies, an infinite number of Christmas lights–– and I have this strong urge to push the large red balls in front of the store out into the road to see what happens. So I try to push one, but the ball is cemented to the walkway. Damn! Apparently, Target has dealt with people like me in the past.