Cotton Candy in Corporate America

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The Amateur Mom


Do you remember that time – you were probably in your late teens or early 20’s – when you broke up with that guy (or girl) and you felt terrible because you knew that he would be utterly devastated by the news? Remember how you pictured him crying into his pillow for nights on end and how you were overwhelmed with guilt and just hoped that someday, somehow…he’d be okay again?

And then, a few days later, you saw him. Maybe it was at a party or a restaurant or (and I’m just spitballing here…) maybe it was at the Chemung County Fair. Anyway, you saw him, and he looked at you and smiled. And you smiled back with just the right mixture of compassion and kindness…so sweet.  And then you noticed the very cute girl who was holding onto his arm and smiling up at him. And…

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