Raising $25k for Bridges

Hi all,

As some of you know, Langdon Street Press just released my new novel, The Beauty of the Fall.  One of the subplots in the book is domestic violence.  I spent the last year on the board of the Bridges Center for Sexual and Domestic Violence Support, and one of the main characters in the novel, Willow, is professionally based on Dawn Reams who runs the Bridges Center in Nashua, New Hampshire.  She helped me a great deal as I was shaping the novel, and in particular, she focused on the DV passages in the book to ensure they were authentic and unflinching. That’s why I am going to give Bridges 25K in profits from the TBOTF and my other two novels, The Big Wide Calm and The Color of Home.

My three novels are about different kinds of love. Romantic. Platonic. Love in an extended community.  Because of the topic matter, I believe the books make great stocking stuffers or gifts for your employees and customers.  If you would like to help Bridges out this holiday season, please consider buying as many copies of my books as possible.  You can purchase them from this link:


If you prefer, you can also buy books from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes.  Both eBooks and physical copies are available through these stores. Here are those links:




One final thing.  If you could forward this note to all of your friends, it would be greatly appreciated.  Our fundraising is off to a good start, but we still have work to do. Thank you so much for your consideration.



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